Website Committee


That the Conference establish a Website Committee, consisting of five members (including the Corresponding Secretary, ex officio, and with two alternates), to oversee the operation of the Conference’s website, with a mandate to:

Arrange for the construction and maintenance of a website for the Conference, which shall include a list of the ICRC Member Churches (with links to the Members’ websites, where possible); copies of the Constitution, Regulations, and Informational Documents; copies of the Proceedings of previous meetings of the Conference (in a form suitable and appropriate for posting on the Internet); a list of the upcoming meeting dates and venues for the major assemblies of the Member Churches; materials for upcoming meetings of the Conference; information and materials regarding Regional Conferences, including the hosting Member Church, date, and venue of upcoming Regional Conferences; and other materials which the Website Committee deems appropriate (bearing in mind the nature and extent of the Conference’s authority, Constitution V).

Develop and implement policies for the operation of the Conference’s website, including a job description for the position of Webmaster, and report such to the next meeting of the Coordinating Committee.

Appoint a Webmaster to labor under its oversight.

Send a report to the Corresponding Secretary at least six months before the next ICRC.

Propose a budget for the following four years to the next ICRC.


The Rev. Dr. R.C. Karlo Janssen, Canada

Mr. Frank Ezinga, Canada
Mr. Martin VanWoudenberg, Canada
The Rev. Dr. James Visscher, Canada (ex officio)

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