Diaconal Committee


That the Conference establish a Diaconal Committee, consisting of five members (with two alternates), to assist the Conference in facilitating and promoting cooperation among the Member Churches in ministries of mercy, with a mandate to:

  1. Arrange for a consultation among representatives of the diaconal agencies of the ICRC Member Churches for the purposes of exchanging information on current and planned work, discussing issues of mutual concern, and exploring ways for possible bi- or multi-lateral cooperation in ministries of mercy among the Member Churches.

  2. Gather information regarding and distribute a booklet summarizing (by both Member Church and nation) the ministry projects of mercy of the ICRC Member Churches for distribution to the diaconal agencies of the ICRC Member Churches and presentation to the next meeting of the Conference.

  3. Publish (in a format suitable for republication in the Member Churches’ own media) an ICRC Diaconal Newsletter, on a periodic basis for the benefit of the Churches, diaconal agencies, and/or the inter-church relations committees. This Newsletter should include descriptions of opportunities for diaconal project participation pending in the Member Churches, and articles intended to promote interest in Reformed ministries of mercy. When appropriate, articles from the Newsletter may also be posted on the ICRC website.

  4. Help provide and facilitate arrangements for papers on diaconal topics of mutual interest to be used during the Regional Conferences and/or the ICRC itself.

  5. Gather and study the relevant documents from the Member Churches regarding their ministries of mercy vision, policies, programs or projects, including the training of deacons and diaconal methodologies, and to report on its study of these documents, as appropriate.

  6. Disseminate to the Member Churches, pursuant to the PROTOCOL FOR RESPONDING TO MAJOR DISASTERS, information regarding opportunities to assist those whose homes and/or livelihoods have been badly damaged by a major disaster, especially among those who profess the Reformed faith, and to designate a Diaconal Committee representative for the purpose of implementing the PROTOCOL.

  7. Develop and maintain a list of diaconal contact representatives for each Member Church. Each representative will be responsible for disseminating ICRC diaconal information and materials to their respective churches and for gathering and transmitting to the Diaconal Committee the relevant information from their respective churches necessary for the accomplishment of (1)–(6) above.


The Rev. Dirk van Garderen, New Zealand 
(Email: dirkjvg@vodafone.co.nz)

The Rev. Pieter Boon, South Africa
Mr. David Nakhla, United States
Mr. Rick Postma, Canada

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